Ducatus coin design

The Stars
3 stars on the front of the coin represent the 3 jurisdictions that form the legal foundation of the
companies. The 5 stars at the back stand for the 5 founders who gave birth to the idea and
transformed the vision to reality. 3 and 5 are Fibonacci numbers adding up to 8, the universal
number of infinity.

The Swiss Cross
The cross on the front center of the coin resembles the Swiss coat of arms. Its baroque frame pays
tribute to the fame and glory of the „golden century“ in Europe.
The Lion and theMountain
The mountain (Matterhorn) and the lion (Merlion) on the back center symbolise Switzerland and
Singapore. In some religions mountains are associated with the realm of the gods and stand for
strength and durability. The lion is the king of animals. In ancient cultures it symbolised
resurrection, courage, justice and invincibility.

The Globe and the Flower of Life
The globe symbolises the main aim of DUCATUS – to provide a digital and safe currency for the
whole world. At its side stands the Flower of Life, the symbol of harmony, growth, peace and
perfection. It is strongly tied to the Fibonacci number and the golden ratio, the perfect design of
Life itself.

The Principles
The Principles at the outer circle on both side of the coin are written in Latin, the language of the
Roman Empire widely used by merchants and intellectuals, where the Ducatus coin has its origin.
‚The Old and the New combined‘ and ‚Yesterday, Today and in Future‘ link the past with the
present. By building on a solid and structured foundation Ducatus will last in the Future. To pay
tribute to the ancient origins of money, making use of the latest technology, providing an
alternative path for all people to financial freedom, independent from 3rd parties, DUCATUS is to
be REBORN to its former Glory!

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