Hi all, I already invest online since year 2003. Invest in areas included auto surf, manual surf, online mlm, high risk HYIP, matrix cycler and so on. However, most of the programs just cannot sustain for long run. In fact, we are choosing which one is the best that can run for long term. Long term means around 1 year life span in online investment field. Thus till year 2016, I noticed that the most stable residual income is investing in adpacks revenue sharing compare with HYIP, cycler, hybrid program and so on. Up to date, I withdraw average 0.05 bitcoin per day from mypayingcryptoads and theadsteam with just invest in one bitcoin and compound. In order to help other to get stable extra income, I create a website to provide the best adpacks programs to those who like to make a living online. Hooray Enjoy!

Here you go