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World Net Leads –

World net leads is a “Made in Italy” program which buy ads leads and enter into 3×7 matrix. Total bitcoin you will get with the 3×7 matrix that fully fill up is 2639.49 BTC. is the first Business ” Made in Italy “ created exclusively to make you earn while you are advertising. I am joined under Coopers Italy group which will have mass spillover in my group. All payments with bitcoin only.

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World Net Leads -

Leads World Net is a site created purely to be able to give the best online advertising in the field of Online Marketing and e-Commerce. You buy advertising leads and receive Payments Instantly, up to 100% of sales commissions.

If you have a company, business or sell products online, you know that everything you need is an audience that the purchases your product. World Net Leads has created a unique formula, based on leads package all in one advertising package.

World Net Leads official Pre Launch on February 22, 2017  and currently it has launched the first in a series of offerings called “PACKAGE – CUSTOMER”.  And later the company will publish other advertising services more and more.

Get something with Packages-customers?  (Almost) All purchases in World Net Leads Advertising will give you the rights to resell any product you see in WNL. In particular:

Advertising via eMail within WNL. (Packages-Customer)
Advertising via video inside WNL (available soon)
direct advertising in WNL (coming soon)
Personal blog in WNL (coming soon)
Advertising on the internal search engine of WNL (available soon)
Banner Ads and advertising texts
More .. (not to be disclosed for now)


* I always remember that all packages are paid only once for ever, and you can sell them to get 100% commissions
Now let’s see how it can earn in addition to advertise with these packages-Customers:
The Packages-Clients must be purchased in order, so you have to buy the lower packages in order to purchase the above packages.

For instance:
Customers buying the package-SET 0.02 BTC, can contact 20 potential customers every 28 days FOREVER, suggesting your offer / Business / Enterprise. And you can also resell the package Customer to those who need advertising. When you want to buy more leads, the package-Customer Apopi 0.05 BTC, can contact 50 potential customers every 21 days, forever. And this time you can either resell the package-Customer Apopi. It will work well also for subsequent Packages-customers, up to 500 customers every 2 days.

World Net Leads has taken the field to provide the best service possible and make you earn at the same time.

Income potential


1st level: max 3 places, gains possible 3 x 0:02 = 0:06 BTC BTC;
2nd level: max 9 seats, possible earnings x 9 = 12:45 12:05 BTC BTC;
3rd level: max 27 seats, possible gains 27 x 12:09 BTC BTC = 2.43;
4th level: max 81 seats, possible gains 81 x 0:15 = 12:15 BTC BTC;
5th level: max 243 seats, possible gains 243 x 0.3 = 72.9 BTC BTC;
6th level: max 729 seats, possible gains 729 x 0.5 = 364.5 BTC BTC;
7th level: max 2187 seats, gains possible 2,187 x 1 = 2187 BTC BTC;

For a possible total gain of 2.639.49 BTC

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World Net Leads –

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