Binance leverages KAVA assets and trading pairs

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Binance announced that its position-by-position leverage has added KAVA as position-by-position collateral assets and position-by-position loanable assets, and added position-by-position transaction pairs KAVA/BTC, KAVA/USDT. Binance also said that it will launch a leveraged platform “KAVA online 7-day interest-free activity”, during the event, borrowing KAVA with zero interest.

IRISnet and Kava cooperate to strengthen cross-chain ecological DeFi service

The cross-chain service hub IRISnet announced that it has reached a partnership with Kava’s development company Kava Labs, and plans to introduce Kava’s DeFi service into IRISnet’s blockchain Internet to promote the construction of distributed business applications and provide a technical foundation. IRISnet stated that the architectures of Kava and IRISnet were developed based on the Cosmos SDK and adopted the Tendermint consensus. IRISnet will integrate Kava’s DeFi lending platform and stablecoin USDX into IRISnet. At the same time, IRISnet plans to use Kava to provide DeFi applications for IRISnet and provide Kava with iService and Coinswap and other application support to improve liquidity. In addition, IRISnet said that it will promote the development of DeFi applications in the two projects and the entire Cosmos ecosystem through cross-chain IBC protocol and other technologies.