Bitcoin locked in DeFi hits a record high

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According to AMBcrypto’s June 3rd, Bitcoin locked in DeFi hits a record high. The number jumped to 40,400 on June 3, compared with 2.23 a month ago Wan doubled. At the same time, the lock-in of Ethereum at DeFi continues to be relatively small, however, the total value of lock-in has risen, and this development coincides with the positive movement of crypto assets in the larger market. Last month, the number of bitcoins locked in DeFi skyrocketed after the Maker governing body voted to use WBTC as collateral for manufacturer agreements. Since then, the total value locked by WBTC has also risen sharply, especially hitting a new high on June 2 and climbing all the way to $39 million. According to the statistics of DaiStats, as of press time, the number of tokens secured by WBTC has reached 9.937 million. In addition, Skew data shows that as of press time, WBTC locked in the Ethereum blockchain is $37 million, while the Lightning Network’s is only $8.9 million. This shows the fact that a large amount of Bitcoin liquidity is currently flowing into the ETH blockchain.