Brace CEO Atteutteu: The vast majority of blockchain projects will disappear

Brace CEO Atteutteu frankly admitted the status of the industry in the Chinese community live broadcast tonight: “In the digital currency market, there will be more projects and currencies, but most blockchains Projects will disappear. Projects outside the top 50 CMC market value will be difficult to survive, and projects that cannot generate revenue in the short term will disappear more quickly. ” However, he is fully confident in Brace, the first stablecoin public chain ecological project supported by traditional Korean banks: “The Brace project will be based on digital assets guaranteed by banks and will expand revenue and market value in the short term through financial products such as DeFi and CeFi. BRA gains user and financial support in the international community, will expand actual guaranteed assets, expand the ecological edge in the short term, create financial services and begin to generate revenue. Standing on the starting line, Brace will continue to survive with the top 50 CMC market value as its goal.