Decentralized asset cross-chain solution Ren virtual machine RenVM officially launched on the mainnet

Decentralized asset cross-chain solution Ren announced that its virtual machine RenVM is officially launched on the mainnet. At present, RenBridge, Uniswap, 1inch and other DeFi infrastructure have integrated REN VM. Ren said that the project is committed to connecting different blockchains, helping developers to realize multi-chain compatible DeFi applications, and introducing Bitcoin into the DeFi field. Lianwen previously reported that the Ren virtual machine RenVM testnet was officially launched in August 2019. Developers replicated RenVM in the form of Darknodes to a decentralized network. The highlight of RenVM is that zero-knowledge proofs and new The developed sMPC protocol works in the form of privacy. The state, input, and output of all programs in RenVM, including Darknodes, are hidden from everyone. This means that RenVM can manage private keys on multiple different blockchains. Achieve cross-chain token transfer without trust. The virtual machine also comes with a supporting SDK, which includes a JavaScript library and a series of smart contract case SDKs that support integration into any application including decentralized exchanges, lending, mortgages, or leverage platforms. Currently supports ETH, DAI, BTC and ZEC.