Dharma’s former product design release Token Distribution Platform Foundation for artists and designers

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Dharma’s former product design, Matthew Vernon, released the token issuance platform Foundation for artists and designers. The first wave of products launched was 3 shirts and 3 blind boxes designed by Matthew Vernon himself. Similar to Zora, Foundation allows artists to issue physical ERC-20 tokens, which can then be sold on the secondary market or exchanged for physical objects. Unlike Zora selling tokens on the Uniswap platform, Foundation chose to develop its own agreement to make the pricing model more suitable for art sales. For example, every time a work published on the Foundation platform is generated by a secondary market exchange, the transaction fee will be Owned by the artist. Like Uniswap, Foundation also uses a joint curve to define the relationship between supply and price, but allows designers to customize the low and maximum prices of token sales, which can solve the last few items on the Uniswap platform because the price is too high The problem of selling out. Some of the Foundation’s current designers come from outside the circle, including Internet artist Addie Wagenknecht, 80’s retro-style radio station Poolside.FM and furniture designer Studio Zollo. Matthew Vernon is the first DeFi well-known product designer who started the wave of personal coin issuance. He once issued personal tokens BOI. Each BOI represents one hour of his work time and can be sold to anyone. Matt Vernon was the product designer of Dharma, Set Protocol, Synthetix and other projects, and was also the designer of Genesis Shirt, the first product launched by tide brand Saint Fame.

source: withfoundation dot com