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If you contribute now before December 4th, Presale price is $9.15 or .015 Ether‼️ Cannot get it cheaper than this

After December 4th till the 8th, Presale Price is $12.20 or .02 Ether

Uniswap Listing Price is 10% – 20% Higher than the Presale Price of $12.20 or it will be $13-$14

The team from Ethereum Yield (ETHY) presents a new project called Ethereum Stake (ETHYS).
This is a project that will fully support Ethereum Yield (ETHY), and also the holders of ETHY will have great benefits. As you know ETHY already had liquidity providing event and then the price went up x3.5.

Did you know that Ethereum Yield (ETHY) has locked liquidity on UniSwap over a million dollars which translates to 100% UniSwap locked for the next 79 years and also the team can never get their transaction fee earnings?

The team also did a renounce ownership which means they no longer have access to the tokens at all.

Some important information that was for the previous project:

1 Coinmarketcap, #1 Coingecko, #1 DEXTOOLS, Daily trading volume 10+ Million (first day)

Ethereum Stake (ETHYS) is a staking coin, designed to help users better reap the benefits of Ethereum 2.0.
ETHYS exists within the Ethereum Yield ecosystem, and like it also implements pump-e-mental concepts to protect price and punish weak-hands.

Liquidity Providing Event (pre-sale) is now available at

Minimum: 0.015 ETH
Maximum: 20 ETH
(per address)

1 ETHYS / 0.015 ETH (The price will be changed on December 4 in phase two and will cost 1 ETHYS / 0.02 ETH)

Please read the entire documentation and why the ETHYS project is important for ETHY.

✅ Max Supply: 500,000
👍 Pre-sale: 100,000 ETHYS
😇Token name: Ethereum Stake
☺️Symbol: ETHYS
😎Token address:
🤩Pre-sale address: 0x052Cd7423B54D18c97847c0B5c73Abcb8CF6bF5B

Validator Staking – ETH 2.0 will see the proof-of-work Ethereum network, slowly migrate to proof-of-stake. Instead of miners validators will stake their Ethereum to mint new blocks. The minimum deposit required to become a validator is 32 ETH. ETHYS will provide a pool allow users to band together to become validators and bring the validation rewards to the ETHY ecosystem. Rewards are in the form of ETHYS and ETH.

Someone reported probably a private account from the creator of the group, and then it was banned and the groups also disappeared.

Help us share with other people and inform that this is a new group.

We immediately have update on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Etherscan new Telegram group.

Thank you for your understanding