Gitcoin launched the “KERNEL” program, which recruited about 100 experts to create products for 8 weeks and provide financing opportunities

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According to the news of the chain, the open source software funding platform Gitcoin announced the launch of an 8-week invitation system “KERNEL” (kernel) to find technical talents for establishing links, products and companies for blockchain and Web3. KERNEL will recruit about 100 peers to join in June, and will also be led by a mentor and provide financing opportunities for the products built in the plan. The first phase of the KERNEL project is called the “Genesis Block” and will consist of nearly 100 researchers from all over the world. It will run for a total of 8 weeks and is expected to require 10 hours per week. Learners are the first choice. “The project will include 8 modules, such as blockchain history, Web3 movement, decentralized finance (DeFi), community building, and token economics. The deadline for KERNEL application is June 16, and the plan will run from June 22 to August 10.