MakerDAO initiates a new executive vote: add TUSD as collateral, add a second type of USDC mortgage

According to official news, on May 29, the Maker Foundation temporary governance coordinator included an executive vote into the voting system, with the specific content added As a new collateral, TUSD also opens USDC’s second collateral type (USDC-B). The Maker Foundation explained that the purpose of adding USDC-B collateral is to serve as an emergency credit facility when the holders have excess liquidity (such as the busy liquidation period of auctioning large amounts of collateral). This is in contrast to the current use of USDC-A (mainly as an arbitrage tool to stabilize the price of Dai at $ 1). Ideally, USDC-B should not be used unless there is a serious liquidity problem in the Dai market. To achieve this, the community proposes to set an unusually high stable rate to curb the long-term use of this type of mortgage.