Shard Protocol (SDT) will be launched tonight on the decentralized exchange JustSwap

SDT will launch JustSwap for the first time tonight. Based on the TRON chain TRX, SDT has expanded the sharding section for the TRON ecosystem, and is committed to providing a scalable and secure platform for developers and enterprises who wish to build decentralized applications. SDT’s unique sharding application allows the blockchain to scale in a linear manner, which ensures that the SDT platform can scale to meet the needs of the growing miners and application ecosystem.
SDT is the first project to introduce sharding technology (Sharding) into the DeFi field, and provides the solution SHARD-Protocol. In addition, SDT also provides a creative solution for DeFi, including mortgage asset quotation, arbitrage verification, price chain, and BETA coefficient modules to form a complete SHARD-Protocol.