The DeFi project Hegic is closed and analysts say the reason is a system design defect

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According to the news of BlockBeats, on May 21, after the last code bug, the DeFi project Hegic was closed again, which is different from the previous code problem. The encryption industry The author analyzes that this error is caused by a flaw in the system design. “Not only is the code quality important, but the system design is also important.” It is understood that as early as April 27 this year, the DeFi project Hegic code was permanently locked due to a loophole in user assets. At that time, a few hours after the project went online, a bug in its code locked the user funds of the platform’s smart contract worth 28,000 US dollars. Due to the vulnerability, the funds were locked in the expired contract, making it inaccessible. Commit to use their own funds to compensate all affected users.