The world’s first privacy protection anonymous Defi project POFID DAO completes product iteration today

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According to official sources, the world’s first privacy protection anonymous Defi project POFID DAO completed product iteration today. Users using its first DApp product-Novac, can complete the following: 1. Manage POFID-based issuance and related derivative assets, including transfers, withdrawals and viewing transaction records, etc.; 2. Pledge the POFID platform from the POFID-DAO community autonomous access type of digital assets, and additional issuance/lending of anonymous and stable digital currencies anchoring the value of different legal currencies; 3. Return the lent stable digital currency and unlock the previously pledged digital currency; 4. Use POFID platform governance and equity token PFID, and participate in staking to obtain PFID mining income; 5. Participate in platform governance decision-making through PFID’s staking behavior; 6. Through PFID’s staking behavior, the dividend income of the entire POFID can be obtained, such as the fee income generated when borrowing.