Traffic strategy for 2023

Credit to Matt Diggity. In this extremely actionable video, I’m going to

to describe my full SEO strategy for

2023, and I’ll go over it step by step.

stage so that you can replicate it for mass production

These are the same kind of Google traffic.

strategies used by my SEO portfolio company

These were generated by leadspring.

massive traffic boners in front of your eyes

I’m currently opening up our

Playbook for sharing these methods with others

but there’s a catch before we begin

first and foremost, everything

What you’re about to discover is current and up to date.

I believe this film was shot in 2023.

did not simply change the name of an old

You will not hear the video second.

same generic ineffective SEO advice

that you are accustomed to hearing written

Quality content will be rewarded by Google.

What exactly are you expected to do?

Everything I’m going to teach will be based on that.

You will be actionable and clear.

so you can begin today and finally create

make certain to stay till the conclusion

I’m going to share an additional strategy with you.

is already making ripples, but in my opinion

In my opinion, it will forever change SEO.

Let us begin with the first pillar of my

The 2023 SEO approach is to write flawlessly.

optimised for search engines

There is a lot to unpack here, so

First, let me explain what I mean.

You should be aware that Google has no

no idea what apple pie is, I mean it

Google is a robot whose code is never changed.

If you’ve ever cooked or eaten apple pie,

You publish an essay about apple pie recipes.

How can you persuade Google of this?

While Google is the best, your essay is the finest.

It has no idea what apple pie is.

have a clear understanding of what constitutes a

It’s called an excellent apple pie article.

Google page one Google compares your

content in conjunction with the existing content at the

top of Google to see how you compare

As a result, your 2023 strategy must be reversed.

what brought these people to the

first position on Google, and

It’s not just me who gets results.

Using this strategy, my affiliate lab

Katrina, a student, stated that by

the procedure I’m about to demonstrate to you

is unaffected by core updates and

She more than doubled traffic to two websites in one year.

a recent update prior to creating an

article you must write an article

superior outline to yours

rivalry to do what you want to do

establish the outline of the heading structure

for your article and also the best

Let’s say you’re writing an essay.

article on whether or not the metaverse exists

Go to Google and type in your term.

now look at the number one article

at the page’s h 2 and H3 headings

because this is the finest article on

This is the best outline on the subject.

topic take note of these headings as well as look

because of how long this post is

Google thinks it’s perfect Now, open the

second-place article and third-place article

article to add extra headings to

your justification for your

The reason outline is the greatest is because it is the most concise.

superset of the top three ranking

It is now time to begin writing articles.

but here’s how you’re going to do it again

outperform your competitors in your

There should be no fluff in the introduction paragraph.

if a person’s search for does the

Despite the fact that metadverse exist, this does not imply that they

Don’t you already know what the metaverse is?

We’re wasting our time describing the metaverse.

Please keep quiet if you are a network of 3D worlds.

You now understand how Google uses the top.

articles for future reference

compose your content with the

keywords that Google anticipates seeing in

If you only read one metaverse article, this is it.

There’s a good reason to get in and start writing.

There’s a chance you’ll include keywords like VR.

web 3.0 and the terrifying Zuckerberg in your life

but that would be pure chance

entry surfer surfer is an essential SEO tool.

page one of a reverse engineering tool

Google to find out the exact

frequencies that Google anticipates seeing

If you use these keywords in an article, it will then

supports you while you write so that you may truly express yourself

You can’t go wrong now because the next advice is a game.

write the response to a search

If the query is in a Google-friendly format,

Does the metaverse still exist?

then choose a statement that is really simple to

yep comma the metaverse does

The metaverse does not exist, comma or no comma.

exist responses in this format

makes it very simple for Google’s

linguistic algorithm to determine your response

The inquiry also raises your expectations.

opportunity to obtain the featured snippet

as high a Google ranking as possible

By the way, you can easily see in this example

if you’re determined to advance in

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double down on this channel with plenty of content

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The goal of 2023 SEO is to become a topical expert.

Assume you want to write an article about authority.

article on starting a business and

Assume you write the best article of the year.

launching a business that the world has ever seen

Let’s imagine you have a business, but not for that.

frightening Elon Bezos and Bill Gates

This article will be co-authored by

unless you get exactly zero traffic

put on an already existing webpage

This has a lot of business material on it.

The concept is known as topical Authority on

on the other side, when you begin to

cover every facet of a subject completely

Google has no other option but to think damn.

This website is a business specialist.

Let’s give it a vertical traffic award.

Here’s how to acquire a boner like this:

topical Authority First and foremost, you must

determine all of the issues that must be addressed

This is referred to as creating a

I’m working on a comprehensive video about topical maps.

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so you don’t miss it, then you should

Begin writing each of these articles one at a time.

because you simply did one good thing

discovered the formula for writing a

finally, a completely optimised article

You cement the deal by connecting

remember to group relevant articles together

connect to your content more frequently

theme centrepieces such as how to begin a

In my 2023 forecast video, I discuss business.

declare that the relevant Authority will

not become normal practise this year

get left behind by the next fundamental

A key component of my SEO plan for 2023 is to

have a link-building strategy that the

Google’s algorithm adores you.

anything else you hear in general SEO videos link

You don’t need the building because it’s dead.

backlinks to increase Google traffic

Google, let me show you something.

I’m not sure how you feel about best keto tablets.

however, when I think of diet pills

The website does not spring to mind.

Neither Outlook India nor Dallas News do.

All of these websites have one thing in common.

They received a large number of backlinks dr83 dr-84 dr-88

Backlinks are still important in 2023.

going away with everyone and everything

Grandmother Racing for Current Authority

The influence of linkages will be decisive.

If your website is the car, who wins?

Links are the fuel, but there is another source.

the more crucial reason you desire to

create links and a solid backlink profile

keeps you from being messed with in

Google algorithm updates only appear

at how many updates this website avoided

The reason for this is due to eat expertise.

three. authoritativeness and trust

characteristics that appear 130 times in

However, Google’s quality Raider guidelines

Matt, I thought EET was all about

Including author boxes in your articles

Google hasn’t mentioned anything about it.

eat is a quote that is heavily built on links.

alright so what type of links am I

building in 2023 40 of the links I’m

building or guest posts and these are

coming from both in-house Outreach and

employing vendors like Authority Builders

another 30 of My Links will be posted

insertions getting links and existing

items that have links connecting to them I

do it in-house as well or outsource it to

15% of authority builders

The links will be provided by the Health Reporter.

out Haro, which we built in-house 10

derives from our work in digital public relations

developing newsworthy stories and

I’m reaching out to media about this.

utilising Fairy and the fantastic staff at 3%

comes from a business directory

authority citations

Builders and the remaining 2%

just from link exchanges

responding to emails and sorting out some problems

trades with high-quality websites

those are already reaching out to me my

The next strategy for 2023 is to give Google

precisely what it seeks

concentrating on the user experience

Google is looking for a specific objective achievement.

If its users are successful in achieving their objectives,

someone looks up how to shave a cat

Then, by God, they should be felines.

shaving specialists by the end of the day in

They openly demonstrated how in June

This is significant to them because it is a friend of theirs.

I looked for the best Data Center and

The first buffalo on mobile visited

As a result, he returned to his browser and

discovered the survey asking him to rate

how simple it was to find what he was looking for

Stop horsing around, it’s Crystal Clear

and provide your users with what they are looking for

for ancient SEO as quickly as feasible

theory held that Google adored

it when users stayed on your content for an extended period of time

No longer, bro, Google has

Tick Tock to deal with in this attention span

There is no time for reading in this economy.

use a key takeaway section to

summarise the majority of your article in a

Use large fonts for the quick section at the top.

to direct attention to a quick response to the

search term, and if you’re writing

compare content

tables at the top, just like CNET

before we get into my next 2023 SEO

strategy fair warning whether you like

Whether you like it or not, this strategy will work.

completely alter how SEO is carried out

forward, even if you don’t want to

It is unquestionably your competition.

will, and that’s AI content

current state of the art of AD tools on the market

I have sites based on AI that are doing well in the market.

content that has exploded vertically in

while avoiding every single

Google is in the process of updating, but the

a roadmap of what is on the horizon for AI

Not only is the content insane, but so is GPT4.

developing better, more undetectable products

but the AI software itself is

Now allowing you to write fully SEO optimised articles

articles from top to bottom in a single click

I’ll be releasing a video on my YouTube channel soon.

complete the AI content creation process, so make certain

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