submits new feature Pool Pipes to ETHGlobal hackathon, allowing users to seamlessly rebalance DeFi liquidity submitted a new feature Pool Pipes on the ETHGlobal hackathon, allowing liquidity providers to seamlessly rebalance the liquidity distributed among the various DeFi. With the Pool Pipes dashboard, users can seamlessly switch between Uniswap V2, Curve, Balancer, and dozens of other liquidity protocols (such as FutureSwap and Shell) coming online in one click. The operation is reduced to one operation, thereby reducing gas cost and slippage. In addition, this kind of operation can be further taken, that is, Zapper is customized and programmed to meet specific investment standards, such as when incentives, asset pool size and asset pool share, trigger rebalancing and liquidity transfer. Earlier, Lianwen had reported that DeFiZap and DeFiSnap merged into a new, designed to make it easier for non-technical users to use DeFi. The merged will become a new asset management platform, providing a series of New features, including multi-pooling (Multipooling) and Zips.